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October 24, 2008

Remember Your Dog When Choosing a Dog Bed

By Samantha Clark

Dog beds. Most dog owners can't bear the thought of their dog sleeping on the cold ground in the night. So to overcome this problem, there are different kinds of dog beds found in the market. It is up to you to choose the best dog bed that fits the size, and other needs of the dog.

There are different kinds of dog beds in the market today. You find small dog beds, large beds and hard dog beds. There are also unique dog beds with different shapes and designs like perhaps the shape of your bed or a dog bed that resembles toy cars and sofas. There is also the unique dog bed that uses an ultra modern metal frame that floats other types of dog beds and heated dog beds that keep the dog warm and comfy for those winter seasons.

When choosing the dog bed, you have to take the size of the dog into consideration. Large dogs obviously need large dog beds. However, if you have a dog that tends to chew fabric and your cushions, then it is better to have a designer dog bed done to handle this chewing problem. It is always better to note where your dog prefers to sleep, to help you decide on the right dog bed for your dog.

Dogs preferring to sleep on the floor need hard dog beds while those preferring to sleep on the sofa need a soft dog bed. You can also decide on the right shape for the dog bed by noting how the dog prefers to sleep. Dogs that like curling up should choose get a curved dog bed while those dogs that prefer spreading out on the sofa deserve a sofa and rectangular dog bed.

Whichever dog bed you decide for your dog, it is important that you choose a dog bed that confirms latest health and safety standards. Also make sure that you choose a dog bed that is fully washable or at least has a removable washable cover. This is so that you can wash the dog bed periodically to keep it clean and healthy for the dog to use.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the info. I'll keep this in mind next time I need to purchase a dog bed. Thanks for stopping by.

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