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January 17, 2009

Orthopedic Dog Beds Explained

Summarized by Johnathan Livingston

Many people don't think animals need beds, especially not orthopedic dog beds. Whether they're animals lovers who think that "animals are people, too" or someone who's never owned an animal, it's easy to see why they might not think Fido needs a special sleeping spot of his own. Sleeping spots, particularly orthopedic dog beds, keep your pooch off the floor. It gives the animal a different surface to sleep on. Orthopedic dog beds are perfect for older animals.

Orthopedic dog beds help with this by cushioning them from the hard floor. Larger breeds often need orthopedic dog beds, because they tend to have more difficulty with arthritis and other joint problems with age because of their size. Overweight animals that have been injured or had surgery often have joint difficulties as well so orthopedic dog beds are perfect for them. The proper warmth can help with joint problems, too, so many orthopedic dog beds are heated for this reason.

Orthopedic dog beds help humans, too. An important consideration for older animals and any animals that already have good reason to need orthopedic dog beds, having their own spot can prevent further injury. A bed serves as cushioning from the ground which can be too cool or damp, and provides a dry place to rest and sleep. No matter what your friend's age or physical condition, orthopedic dog beds can help alleviate joint pain and stiffness, and maybe even delay or prevent those problems in an aging pet.

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